Faster, smarter and more cost effective?

WEB Performance facilitates organisations with a healthy ambition to improve.

We investigate how organisations can get work done more effectively. By aligning people, processes and goals more effectively work is done faster, smarter and more cost effective.

Besides better results this creates a safer work environment with happier people.


Performance climate

Arnoud is a trustworthy partner, a sensitive teamplayer and an effective coach. In a short period of time he is able to create a climate of high performance in a diverse team of professionals. His facilitation led the team to take responsibility and meet a number of very challenging goals. - Saskia van Es, Leader Social Enterprise KPN

Performing in the Matrix

Arnoud understands how work gets done in large functional organisations, ie. process ownership vs line accountability. His outstanding strength however is observing how differrent members of the team function in the matrix leading to effective individual coaching and performance improvement for the whole organisation. Roelf Venhuizen, Sitemanager Shell Chemicals Moerdijk

Fun & Success

Two words summarize my experience of working with Arnoud: fun and success. Arnoud is a skilled analyst and a brilliant facilitator with a strong focus on business results. Above all he is able to guide leaders and teams to unknown levels of performance in a both confrontational and pleasant manner. - Juan Pablo Ortiz, Senior Consultant YesP

Go the extra mile

Due to his genuine interest in people, his integrity and his listening capacities Arnoud is able to facilitate both C-level management and their teams to grow and go the extra mile. In a workshop facilitated by Arnoud every voice will be heard and respected and people will leave the room energized, focused and determined to succeed. - Cynthia Leest, Marketing Specialist Consafe Logistics

Creative professional

One of these rare, authentic professionals. Someone brave enough to give you what you need, which at fist sight might not appear what you've asked for. Someone who will stick with you as a creative professional but most of all as an integer and profound personality. - Enrika Hens, Regional LEAN coach EU&AF Shell Downstream Manufacturing

Performance Assessment

You can easily recognize succesful organizations by their ambition to improve. However succesfull, one question is always nearby: ‘how can we do this faster, smarter, better, cheaper or safer?’

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Implementation support

A solid performance assessment sets the stage for a succesful implementation. In most cases the organisation is capable to implement the well documented set of recommendations. What to do if capability and/or capacity fails?

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PM Coaching

Every improvement is a learning experience in itself. Often, a succesful improvement effort inspires executives and management to take a different view to the performance of the organization. What alternative opportunities do you have to improve performance?

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WEB Performance