Olympic Break

Feedback is the breakfast of champions! An Olympic Break stands for an inspiring moment of reflection focusing on one question: “Do we have a durable high performance culture?”



Recognize this?

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A random Sunday. You’ve done your bit of sporty exercise in the morning. A pleasant walk with your family and dogin the afternoon makes a great second half. By the end of the day you switch on your favorite sports channel, just before dinner will be served. You’ll never stop enjoying to watch elite athletes, bringing out the best of themselves. Or teams, battling through to the end to win a match. And not to forget the coaches, stimulating, guiding and comforting their teams.


Slowly your eyes start feeling heavy. Just before you give in to a power nap you visualize yourself as a coach. Coach of your team of professionals in the workplace. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone behaves as an elite athlete? Full of desire and dedication, determined to achieve the goals set. Not only  with the pressure of deadlines or calamities, but just by default. Can you imagine how life in the workplace would look like if accomplishments are celebrated as decisive scores in a match of championship?


Suddenly you startle awake. Reality check. Just as many have said before, elite sports is not like any business. It’s easy to come up with at least 10 fundamental differences. So for tomorrow, business as usual, just another day in the office. Or….


WEB Performance has  a lifelong fascination for high performance.  Both in business and elite sports. With track records in both, it’s our mission to stimulate and enable cross learning between business and elite sports. To achieve this we capture and share the knowledge and experience of thoughtleaders in sports and business in inspiring and easy accessible ways

Sporty Inspiration

To be able to share knowledge and experience, one first has to catch and capture it. Browse here to find a number of publications released over the past years.

To be able to share knowledge and experience, one first has to catch and capture it. Below you find a number of publications we released over the past years. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts!


“De Omgekeerde Grip” (The Reversed Grip) is a business novel where the development of a golf player is used as a metaphore for leadership. Commitment based Management, a common theoretical concept in elite sports, playfully gets translated to the business environment. Just click here for additional details and direct ordering.


Shortly after the London 2012 Olympics we embarked on the idea to capture the hearts and minds of elite sports coaches. With Charles van Commenée, Headcoach of UK Athletic, we found our ideal first candidate! The unexpected success of this booklet (over 4000 copies sold witin a year) encouraged us for an additional volume in 2019. Just drop us a message if you like to be informed on the  date of release.


Elite sports continues to be an inspiring metaphore for high performance in business. Besides publications and Olympic Break sessions we often receive invitations to deliver a presentation. Just drop us a an email if you’re interested.


The above article “The Olympic Road to Performance Improvement” was published in Performance Improvement, the leading journal in the field of Business Performance Improvement. The case covered in this article literally brought us around the world, and was honoured with a Masters Presentation at ISPI’s Annual Conference in New York. The article is available at the ISPI website for members only. Just drop us a message if you’re interested in a copy.


This picture serves as an illustration to the article “The secret of Danny Willet”, published shortly after the Englishman secured his Green Jacket at the 2016 Masters. Being passionate about sports we sometimes can’t resist our impulse to comment to memorable achievements. If you’re interested, just check our LinkedIn page to check the articles.