The reversed grip

The reversed grip


de omgekeerde grip

Arnoud Vermei, author
of The reversed grip,
Performing based on
trust and commitment




With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of team sessions in his luggage, Arnoud Vermei wrote the book “The reversed grip, performing based on trust and commitment.”

A successful senior manager decides to take a poorly performing team under his wing. With much vigor and decisiveness he opposed the beacons in a short time. However, results remain out. Tensions in the team rise and confidence reaches a low point. The leader is facing a classic dilemma: continue on the chosen track or change direction?
On a prestigious business school he meets a new style of leadership. He discovers and experiences the value of trust and commitment to improving performance. From that moment the relationship between leader and team will never be the same.
Learning should be fun. The theory of Commitment Based Management is wrapped in a gripping story that is easy to recognize and apply for leaders and professionals.

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